P2P Media Loader

P2P assisted media delivery

P2P Media Loader is an open-source JavaScript library that uses features of modern browsers to deliver media over P2P. It doesn’t require any browser plugins or addons to function.

It allows to create Peer-to-Peer network (also called P2P CDN or P2PTV) for traffic sharing between users (peers) that are watching the same media stream live or VOD over HLS or DASH protocols.

It significantly reduces traditional CDN traffic and cost while delivering media streams to more users.

Key features

Supports multiple players and engines
Engines: Hls.js, ShakaPlayer
Players: JWPlayer, Clappr, Flowplayer, MediaElement, VideoJS

P2P Media Loader allows to save up to 80% of CDN traffic.

Supports live and VOD streams over HLS or DASH protocols.

Adaptive Bitrate
Supports adaptive bitrate streaming of HLS and DASH protocols.

Free and open-source
All components of P2P network are available as open-source products:

No need in server side software
By default P2P Media Loader uses publicly available servers:

For privacy reasons it is possible to run private instances of STUN server and WebTorrent tracker. In this case information about the P2P network and its peers will not be available to third parties.